Caroline Munn

b. 31 Dec 1818, d. 3 May 1901
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Caroline Bowden
      Caroline Munn was born on 31 Dec 1818 in Benenden, Kent, a daughter of Thomas and Christine Munn. She was baptised in 1819 in Benenden, Kent.
She emigrated on 24 Jun 1838 from Gravesend, Kent, on board the "Maitland", arriving alone in Sydney on Tuesday 6 Nov 1838 under the "assisted immigration" program.

Caroline Munn married William Bowden, son of William Bowden and Elizabeth Godfrey, on 2 Feb 1842 at St Andrew's Scots Presbyterian Church in Sydney, New South Wales.

Caroline Bowden died on 3 May 1901 in Raymond Terrace, New South Wales, at the age of 82.
She was buried at Pioneer Hill Cemetery, Elizabeth Avenue in Raymond Terrace, New South Wales.


William Bowden b. 17 Aug 1819, d. 7 Mar 1899

Harriet Bowden

Sarah Anne Godfrey

Sarah Anne Clapson

b. 25 Nov 1811, d. 26 Apr 1862
Father*Joseph Clapson b. 7 Sep 1788, d. 26 Mar 1863
Mother*Sarah Sibley b. 1793
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      Sarah Anne Clapson was born on 25 Nov 1811 in Salehurst, East Sussex, a daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Sibley) Clapson or Joseph and Sarah Ann (née Friend) Clapson. She was baptised on 29 Nov 1811 at the Church of St Mary the virgin in Salehurst, East Sussex.

Sarah Anne Clapson married James Boots, son of Thomas Boots and Hannah Tree, on 23 Jan 1831 at the Church of St Mary the virgin in Salehurst, East Sussex.
She and James Boots emigrated on 1 Jun 1839 from Gravesend, Kent, on board the "Neptune", arriving in Sydney on 26 Sep 1839. They were paid 5 Pounds to emigrate, as a starting fund for their arrival in Australia. The family apparently lived in Tasmania for a few months then moved back to New South Wales to join James' sister Mary (Wattus) in Raymond Terrace.

Sarah Anne Boots died on 26 Apr 1862 in Maitland, New South Wales, at the age of 50 and her death certificate recorded that she had resided in Tasmania for four months prior to her death and the cause of her death was recorded as Cancer.
She was buried at Wesleyan Burial Ground, Oakhampton Road in Maitland, New South Wales.


James Boots b. 29 Jan 1805, d. 22 Apr 1887

Edward Huish Cross

b. 4 Mar 1938, d. 20 Sep 1998
Father*Thomas Arbuckle Cross b. 14 Aug 1915, d. 13 Feb 1988
Mother*Margaret Jane Sibbald Fulton b. 13 Oct 1916, d. 20 Jan 1988
      Edward Huish Cross was born on 4 Mar 1938 at Causewayside, Newington in Edinburgh, Midlothian. Edward Huish Cross was also known as Eddie.
Edward was a Demolition Worker on 25 Mar 1960.
Edward lived at 7 Gilmerton, Dykes View in Edinburgh on 25 Mar 1960.

Edward Huish Cross died on 20 Sep 1998 in Wollongong, New South Wales, at the age of 60.
He was cremated on 23 Sep 1998 at the Wollongong Memorial Gardens at Wollongong.

Geoffrey Frost

b. 13 Mar 1945, d. 3 May 2020
Father*Leslie Charles Frost b. 16 Jun 1914, d. 12 Apr 1996
Geoff Frost - Dec.2002
      Geoffrey Frost was born on 13 Mar 1945 in Enfield, Greater London.

Geoffrey Frost died on 3 May 2020 at Opal Macquarie Place, 60 Northlakes Drive in Cameron Park, New South Wales, at the age of 75 and the cause of his death was recorded as degenerative dementia.

Patricia Ivy Anderton

b. 13 Mar 1952, d. 11 Dec 1991
      Patricia Ivy Anderton was born on 13 Mar 1952 at the Royal Hospital for Women in Paddington, New South Wales. Patricia Ivy Anderton was also known as Trish.

Patricia Ivy Fairhall died on 11 Dec 1991 at Calvary Hospital, 91-111 Rocky Point Road in Kogarah, New South Wales, at the age of 39.
She was cremated at Woronora Crematorium, 121 Linden Street at Sutherland and it was recorded that her ashes were placed in LL/RS15/0138.