Welcome to my Fairhall and Betts 'Family Trees', as presently recorded.

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From a hobby that started in 1966, it has grown into a "one-name study" listing over 43,000 people world-wide. My major emphasis, of course, is my own family line, as detailed here, but my wife Heather's Betts family, as well as the other Fairhall and Fairall families, are of ongoing interest to me and I value contact with researchers in those areas or persons who think they may be linked.

A summary of the Fairhall/Fairall families in my database is available from the RESOURCES PAGE on this site via the migration links TO AUSTRALIA and to OTHER DESTINATIONS. I also have three small families that are unlinked and poorly detailed, plus many "orphans/strays" with the Fairhall or Fairall surname who can't as yet be made members of any family. The search is still on!

I have set up a world-wide Fairhall/Fairall web site (non-living persons only) that displays the 18 families I have so far identified with help from many other researchers, and also displays individuals and small groups that are not yet part of a known family. I welcome further information, updates and corrections on the people displayed there. Also included are various documents, images and other background information. The site is available HERE.

There are many people concerned about their personal privacy and identity theft, so some time ago I changed my listing policy for families on this site, as set out on this Privacy Statement.

I welcome updates of new births, marriages and deaths to members of this family. Over 1000 people have contributed to my information over the years, and I have relied on their knowledge but none of us is perfect, so corrections are also welcomed. My email address is displayed on my Home Page and can also be accessed by clicking on my name at the foot of this page and other pages.