John W. Hyde

b. 1860
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      John W. Hyde was born in 1860 in St George, New South Wales, a son of James and Hannah Hyde.

John W. Hyde married Ellen Cridland, daughter of Charles John Cridland and Mary Ann Ryan, in 1883 in Balmain, New South Wales.

Henry Cridland

b. 4 Nov 1862, d. 19 Dec 1876
Father*Charles John Cridland b. 30 Jun 1826, d. 23 Dec 1910
Mother*Mary Ann Ryan b. 15 May 1832, d. 17 Oct 1906
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      Henry Cridland was born on 4 Nov 1862 in Maitland, New South Wales.

Henry Cridland died on 19 Dec 1876 in Maitland, New South Wales, at the age of 14.

Harvey Richard Smithard

b. 2 May 1830
Father*William Smithard b. 14 Jan 1799, d. 1 Feb 1855
Mother*Emily Ratcliffe b. 24 Dec 1800, d. 23 Nov 1862
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     Harvey Richard Smithard was baptised on 2 May 1830 in Derbyshire.

Harvey Richard Smithard married Mary Woodhouse in 1860 in London.

Ann Wilder

b. 1746, d. 1823
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      Ann Wilder was born in 1746. Ann Wilder was also known as Hartshorne.

Ann Wilder married John Smithard, son of John Smithard and Sarah Sylvester, in 1772 in Derbyshire.

Ann Wilder died in 1823 in Derbyshire.

John Smithard

b. about 1705, d. 1775
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      John Smithard was born about 1705 in Derbyshire.

John Smithard married Sarah Sylvester about 1735 in Derbyshire.

John Smithard died in 1775 in Derbyshire.


Sarah Sylvester b. 1709, d. 1785

Sarah Sylvester

b. 1709, d. 1785
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      Sarah Sylvester was born in 1709 in Derbyshire.

Sarah Sylvester married John Smithard about 1735 in Derbyshire.

Sarah Sylvester died in 1785 in Derbyshire.


John Smithard b. about 1705, d. 1775