Mary Ranger

b. 23 Jun 1729, d. 24 May 1801
Father*James Ranger b. 1697, d. Jan 1772
Mother*Elizabeth Bayle b. about 1700, d. 28 Jul 1782
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     Mary Ranger was baptised on 23 Jun 1729 in Ringmer, East Sussex.

Mary Ranger married James Boots, son of James Boots and Anne Collins, on 25 Dec 1753 in Northiam, East Sussex.

Mary Boots died on 24 May 1801 at the St James the Great Churchyard in Ewhurst, East Sussex, at the age of 71.


James Boots b. 2 Feb 1724/25, d. about 13 Sep 1800

Ambrose Boots

b. 25 Feb 1770, d. about 1844
Father*James Boots b. 2 Feb 1724/25, d. about 13 Sep 1800
Mother*Mary Ranger b. 23 Jun 1729, d. 24 May 1801
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     Ambrose Boots was baptised on 25 Feb 1770 at the Parish Church of St Mary in Rye, East Sussex. Ambrose Boots was also known as Edmond Ambrose.

Ambrose Boots married Elizabeth Bull on 25 Nov 1809 in Ewhurst, East Sussex.

Ambrose Boots immigrated in 1830 to Beaver County, Pennsylvania.
Ambrose was a Carpenter.

Ambrose Boots died about 1844 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania.


Elizabeth Bull b. 17 Feb 1777, d. 22 Nov 1847

James Boots

b. 24 Feb 1776, d. a May 1826
Father*Bartholomew Boots b. 25 Apr 1736, d. about 15 Sep 1806
Mother*Elizabeth Allen b. about 1745, d. about 4 Sep 1782
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     James Boots was baptised on 24 Feb 1776 in Salehurst, East Sussex.

James Boots died a May 1826.

Jane Heselman

b. about 1770
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      Jane Heselman was born about 1770 in Sussex.

Jane Heselman married Richard Boots, son of Bartholomew Boots and Mary Woods, on 22 Oct 1791 in Salehurst, East Sussex.

Susan Boots

b. about 1837
Father*Thomas Boots b. 31 Dec 1800, d. 1 May 1887
Mother*Mary Gunter b. about 1802, d. 19 Nov 1874
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      Susan Boots was born about 1837 in Salehurst, East Sussex, or was born c1825 TBC.

Susan Boots married William York, Jr.

William York, Jr

b. about 1825
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      William York, Jr was born about 1825.

William York, Jr married Susan Boots, daughter of Thomas Boots and Mary Gunter.

Ann Dearing

b. about 1800, d. 20 Mar 1853
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      Ann Dearing was born about 1800.

Ann Dearing married Henry Boots, son of Thomas Boots and Hannah Tree, on 5 Nov 1820 in Ticehurst, East Sussex.

Ann Dearing and Henry Boots immigrated about 1823 to New York.

Ann Dearing died on 20 Mar 1853 in Sycamore, Illinois.


Henry Boots b. 24 Dec 1801, d. 10 Dec 1851