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A Special Combined Lunch

Central Western Daily report

During our time at Orange High School some of the boys from Fairbridge Farm School near Molong joined us in 4th and 5th Year if they were continuing through to the Leaving Certificate, as Molong Central School only had classes to 3rd Year.

So we were all able to build up some new friendships.

A committee of ex-Fairbridge alumni, with magnificent financial support from Local, State and Federal Members and respective Governments, raised funds to build a commemorative park on the highway near the (now closed) Farm, and it was to be officially opened on Sunday 15 March. The Project Manager, Dudley Hill, was one of the 1960 Leaving Certificate students at OHS, and he proposed a Lunch Gathering of 1960 and 1961 cohorts, to be held in Orange on Wednesday 18 March.

Assisted by Brian "Doc" Audley and Graeme Taylor, venues were checked and the chosen arrangement was for us to meet for a buffet lunch in the 'Campdale Room' at Duntryleague Country Club.

Invitations were sent out through the 1960 and 1961 networks, and around 60 accepted and paid, however the Covid-19 dangers resulted in several cancelling during the last week. But the Lunch still went ahead with special precautions in the dining area, and we were able to enjoy several hours together.

A (long) list of Apologies was read out. Those present also toasted the memory of colleagues known to be deceased, following the reading of a list of those names.

In the issue of 7 April, photographs taken by the Central Western Daily photographer before our lunch were published in a full-page spread, as shown at left.

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