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Class Photos: 1957-1960

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These photographs record the class members during our time from 1st Year (1957) to 4th Year (1960).
If you have other class photos from other classes during this period, (with names if possible!)
please contact Bruce to discuss adding them here for sharing.

Class 1A - 1957

CLASS 1A - 1957 (TOTAL: 47 Students)

ROW 3: Peter Smee; Max Champion; Geoff Webster; Phillip Everett; Jock Sampson; John Noble; Nelson Wills; Richard Spurway;
Alan Dein; John Watts; Mark Chapman; Kerry Linegar; Warren Kidson; Glen Hunt; Graeme Taylor; Max Preen
ROW 2: Gordon Saundry; Ross Jones; Frank Cullen; Terry Forster; Ken Monaghan; Jim Clement; Nea Fowler; Maureen Rosser;
Lynette Gallard; Carol Chapman; Bruce Fairhall; Peter Layton; Paul Harbers; Peter Dumbrell; Peter Dunn
ROW 1: Barbara Chapman; Angela Birdsall; Patsy Huntley; Jean Barker; Lyn Elliott; Sheila Johnson; Marlene Cantrill; Margaret McCarthy;
Marlene Rodwell; Joan Wheeler; Elaine Richards; Joy Christie; Helen Smith; Ruth Musgrove; Marilyn Hocking; Diane Gallard

Class 1B - 1957

CLASS 1B - 1957 (TOTAL: 44 Students)

ROW 3: Curtis Hill, Bill Purcill, Barry Nonnenmacher, Robert Smith, Steven Morris, Peter Boyer, David Johnston, Adrian Douglas,
Henry Pennings, David Cinis, Rodney Taylor, John Wright, John Rodis, Phillip Gainsford.
ROW 2: Ken Murray, Terry Storey, Chris Wright, Alan Thomas, Pam Barnes, Ruby Carter, Marlene Frost, Fay Gransden,
Patricia Salter, Janice Henson, Rae Evans, Gary Hahn, John Sutton, John Healy.
ROW 1: Anita Wheeler, Dianne Evans, Jennifer Maizey, Jenny Trimmer, Gai Coomber, Deirdre Causebrook, Carolyn Dean, Jennifer Head,
Dorothy Hawke, Pam Johnson, Judith Masling, Brigitte Kurce, Pam Pack, Carmel Cridland, Ruth Peterson, Jan Wills.

Was there a Class 1C? Does anyone have a photo, please?

Class 2A - 1958

CLASS 2A - 1958 (TOTAL: 44 Students)

ROW 4: John Watts; Jock Sampson; Bruce Fairhall; Peter Smee; Nelson Wills; Glen Hunt; Kerry Linegar;
Gordon Saundry; Warren Kidson; Richard Spurway; Jim Clement; Terry Forster
ROW 3: Peter Dunn; Geoff Webster; Graeme Taylor; Alan Dein; Mark Chapman; John Noble; Ken Monaghan;
Frank Cullen; Steven Morris; Phillip Everett; Peter Layton; Peter Dumbrell; Ross Jones
ROW 2: Lyn Elliott; Barbara Chapman; Angela Birdsall; Marilyn Hocking; Maureen Rosser; Marlene Rodwell;
Marlene Cantrill; Margaret McCarthy; Lynette Gallard
ROW 1: Joy Christie; Patsy Huntley; Joan Wheeler; Elaine Richards; Karen Shaw; Helen Smith;
Ruth Musgrove; Jean Barker; Nea Fowler; Carol Chapman

Does anyone have a photo of 2B and maybe 2C, please?

Class 3A - 1959

CLASS 3A - 1959 (TOTAL: 34 Students)

ROW 3: John Noble; Des Cook; Richard Spurway; Nelson Wills; Gordon Saundry; Kerry Linegar; Glen Hunt;
Jim Clement; Alan Copeland; Steven Morris
ROW 2: Geoff Webster; Frank Cullen; Alan Dein; Ken Monaghan; John Watts; Bruce Fairhall; Peter Layton;
Jock Sampson; Graeme Taylor; Peter Dumbrell; Max Champion
ROW 1: Angela Birdsall; Beth Mills; Barbara Chapman; Maureen Rosser; Karen Shaw; Joan Wheeler; Marlene Rodwell;
Ruth Musgrove; Pat Stone; Helen Smith; Joy Christie; Marilyn Hocking; Lynette Gallard

Does anyone have a photo of 3B and maybe 3C, please?

Class 4A - 1960

CLASS 4A - 1960 (TOTAL: 25 Students)

ROW 2: Bruce Fairhall; Max Champion; Graeme Taylor; Peter Smee; John Noble; Ken Stone; Nelson Wills;
Robert Lang; Richard Spurway; Peter Layton; Alan Copeland
ROW 1: Lynette Gallard; Marilyn Hocking; Angela Birdsall; Yvonne Ridley; Pat Salter; Marlene Rodwell; Dorothy Hawke;
Carmel Cridland; Karen Shaw; Ruth Musgrove; Joan Wheeler; Joy Christie; Janice Henson; Joan Pink

Does anyone have a photo of 4B, please?

OHS Prefects - 1961


ROW 5: David Johnson; Peter Smee; Kerry Linegar; Jock Sampson; Peter Dumbrell; Phillip Britten (4th Year)
ROW 4: Klaus Hueneke; Graeme Taylor; Andrew Struik (4th Year); John Watts; Max Champion; Trevor Wright; Bruce Fairhall
ROW 3: Joan Wheeler; Pat Salter; Roslyn Robards (4th Year); Carmel Cridlands
ROW 2: Fay Gransden; Ruth Musgrove; Karen Shaw; Ione Grant; Marilyn Hocking; Jeanette Trimmer (4th Year); Angela Birdsall
ROW 1: Alan Thomas (Vice Captain); Richard Spurway (School Captain); Mr M Patterson; Yvonne Ridley (School Captain); Joan Pink (Vice Captain)

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