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Our 1991 Reunion at Orange

1. The Reunion Dinner

The Central Western Daily reported the event as follows:

Former Orange High School students from the class of '61 held their first reunion at Duntryleague recently.
Although 30 years has passed since they sat for the old Leaving Certificate, all except six of the 56 students were able to be contacted.
The major function was a dinner at Duntryleague attended by 91 people, which included other former students and their spouses.
Highlights of the dinner included cutting a cake decorated with the school crest by the 1961 school captains and vice-captains,and the recounting of amusing school stories from the past.
Former students came from as far afield as Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane.
As many of the guests had not seen one another for 30 years there was a lot of catching up to be done.

On the Sunday, present Principal Mr Max Madden conducted a tour of the school and a barbecue was held in the school grounds.

Cutting Celebration Cake
Cutting of the celbration cake by 1961 School Captains and Vice Captains:
Joan (Pink) Sutcliffe (VC), Toot (Ridley) Keegan (Capt.), Richard Spurway (Capt.) and Alan Thomas (VC) - from the Central Western Daily

The Class of 1961
35 members of our Leaving Certificate class were able to be present

Faye, Meryl, Toot, Gwen and Pat enjoyed the evening

Does anyone else have photos of this dinner?

2. Visiting the school on Sunday morning

Visit to OHS 1

Visit to OHS 2

Visit to OHS 3

Visit to OHS 4

Visit to OHS 5

Visit to OHS 6

Does anyone else have photos of this OHS morning?

3. Video Memories

Pat O'Brien has dug deep into his achives and resurrected this video he took of our activities during this reunion weekend. As well as extracts from The Mirror and other documents, there is an great rendition (rend: vt. to tear or wrench) of the Orange High School Song by the assembled ex-students. We also see some of our cohort who have passed away, and this brings back memories of Richard Johnson, Alan Copeland, Peter Smee and Robyn Flynn.(maybe there are others here?)
Note that the video is as produced almost thirty years ago, and we thank Pat for making it available.

 Pat O'Brien's video of the weekend

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