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A site devoted to the genealogy of the Fairhall family, and other related surnames,
plus various other items of family interest

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This option accesses my own family, containing 17,618 people (Updated 1 May 2019), and the Betts family of my wife Heather, containing 2,376 people (Updated 1 May 2019). There is a small overlap, but distinct pages helps avoid relationship confusion. My site now includes lists of Convicts and those Killed in Action.
A treasure trove of background material. It includes documents and photographs about migration from England, the "Maitland", wines, notable Fairhalls, places associated with the name, Fairhall families world-wide, and MORE! A selection of photos taken during the Fairhall Family Reunion, which was held at Morpeth NSW to mark the 170th anniversary of the arrival of William and Ann Fairhall from Sussex. These photos courtesy of Neil Cross and Ross Fairhall. Information from our Orange High School Leaving Certificate Class of 1961 - names, email contacts, class photographs and a record of our 2001, 2011, 2016 and 2018 Class Reunions.

On 15 May 2012, Orange High School celebrated its Centenary. A photographic record can be viewed HERE.

DNA Chain

So far, I have been able to document 20 Fairall and Fairhall families across the world, each containing at least 50 people and almost all with origins in East Sussex. And there are many more people and events recorded that could fit into those families if we were able to obtain the necessary evidence.
I would love contact from anyone with Fairall or Fairhall connections to increase my family data and possibly open up links between the families. Due to time constraints I do not presently intend to put that data on this site, as much of it is already published in other locations.

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