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New Zealand's Marlborough Region is famous for its wines.

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Fairhall Estate
The Fairhall Downs Estate
Ken Small and Stuart Smith have been grape growers in Marlborough since 1982, supplying Montana and Villa Maria from their 20 Hectare vineyard at the top of the Brancott Valley Road.
In 1996 they launched their own label, with John Forrest as the contract winemaker, and using the Forrest Estate winery facility.
(Excerpt from James Holliday's Wine Companion 1999)

In 2004, for the fourth time in five years, the Fairhall Downs Sauvignon Blanc won a Blue Gold Medal and made the Top 100 at the Sydney International Wine Competition.

Fairhall Downs Estate
70 Wrekin Road, RD2, Blenheim
Phone: +64 3 572 8356 Fax: +64 3 572 8357

To my lucky fellow Australians:
The Fairhall Downs Estate Wines are generally available at

Kememy Wines

To those in other countries:
You will need to search your boutique wine suppliers, or contact Fairhall Downs.

NOTE: Up until about 2006, Montana Wines produced vintages under the name Fairhall Estate Wines, using grapes generally from a vineyard near Hastings, on the North Island.
Since April 2006, Montana Wines in New Zealand has been part of Pernod Ricard New Zealand Ltd, and it appears that this label is no longer produced.
My recent enquiries about these wines were not answered.

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