Other Fairhall/Fairall Family Migrations

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A. To New Zealand

1. EDWARD Fairhall (son of Thomas and Elizabeth Fairhall of Brede, Sussex) and his wife Ann (nee Bishop) migrated to New Zealand on board the Mary Ann which departed from Deal on 24 September 1841 and arrived in Nelson on 5 February 1842. With them they brought their 8 children, and there are around 300 members of this family documented so far.
Edward was baptised in the East Sussex village of Brede, as were all of their children, so this family may possibly be related to our William and Ann Fairhall.
We are hoping to uncover a link between these families.

2. WILLIAM Fairhall migrated on board the Harpley to Australia from Sussex, having been born in the Crawley/Cowfold area. He married Susannah Trotman in 1851 in Melbourne. Two children were born in Victoria, and then the family migrated to New Zealand, where William and Susannah had 11 more children.
William and Susannah's 1300 descendants seem to have generally remained along the west coast of New Zealand, especially around Greymouth.
Research into this family is well advanced, and I am in regular contact with family members and other researchers.

B. To North America

3. HENRY Fairhall, who was born in 1829 in the Sussex village of Beckley, travelled to North America around the time (c.1855) of his marriage to Caroline Gumb. It has not been possible, as yet, to identify the ship he/they journeyed on to North America, or where they disembarked. However, they settled in Ontario, Canada.
Many of the names recorded for Henry's family are very similar to those in our family, and with recorded events in Brede, Mountfield and nearby villages it seems very likely that his Great-great-grandfather, Thomas, is directly related to our ancestors.
I am in contact with members of this family, and we have so far documented nearly 900 descendants of Henry and Caroline.

C. To South Africa

4. EDWIN Fairall migrated to South Africa about 1870. It is believed he was baptised in Caterham, Surrey, and that he married Sarah Neil shortly after his arrival in Natal.
To date, almost 400 descendants of Edwin and Sarah have been listed, including a family now operating a vineyard in Mudgee, NSW.

D. The Stop-at-Homes

5. WILLIAM Fairhall, who married Sarah Stringer in Brighton, Sussex, was born in that town around 1801. His family appears to have remained around Brighton, and currently I have 160 family members included in my database.

6. THOMAS Fairhall lived at Burwash, not far from Brede and other villages identified with our family. He was born about 1651, and married Mary Tanner there in 1672. From that union we now have almost 500 descendants listed

7. JOHN Fairall was born in Caterham, Surrey, in 1812. His descendants so far number about 100, and most still live in or near that county. However, John's daughter Elizabeth Fairall, her brother Reuben and his wife Arabella, emigrated in 1872 on board the Silver Eagle, and settled in the Goulburn district.

8. GEORGE Fairall, born in 1748 in Surrey, has a small documented family (about 30 members), and most of them are still living in or near that county.

9. JOHN Fairall, also born in Surrey (about 1775), has a small documented family of nearly 200 members so far, mostly still in the south-east part of England. There are some active researchers in this family.
More recent research has shown that a branch of this family settled in South Africa, thus adding a further 400 or so descendants to John's line. (See Family 4, above)

10. JOHN Fairall was probably born in Wartling, Sussex in 1722. He and his wife Ann had four children as far as can be discovered so far: Anne(1750), Samuel (1760) William (1763) and Dianne (died 1772). There are descendants throughout Wartling, Hooe, Hailsham and Herstmonceux recorded, and the documentation of this family is a work in progress.

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