Members of the Fairhall Family
who have achieved a degree of fame


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1. Hon. Sir Allen Fairhall KBE (1909 - 2006)

Sir Allen Fairhall Allen lived all his life in the Hunter Valley around Newcastle NSW, and an early interest in radio led him to be a national pioneer in commercial broadcasting. His hobby led to the establishment of Station 2KO Newcastle , and his expertise was acknowledged when he was asked to work on signals equipment for the Armed Services during the second World War.
Following a three year term in local government , he entered Federal Parliament in 1949 as Member for Paterson, a seat he held for 20 years. During that period Allen was Minister for Supply and Minister for Defence. In this latter position he presided over the purchase of the F-111 fighter aircraft and reintroduction of conscription to provide Australian servicemen for the war in Vietnam.
In both the Sydney Morning Herald and Sydney Daily Telegraph of 21 August 1969, reporting his resignation from Parliament, writers suggested he could have become Prime Minister if he had nominated. Allen was knighted in 1970 for his services to the nation, and spent some of his retirement researching, and writing, a book on a taxation system based on land ownership rather than income, based the philosophies of Henry George. Unfortunately, the introduction of the GST overshadowed the impact this book could have had on Australia.

Some further information on Sir Allen is available HERE.

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2. Samuel Fairhall (1849-1928)

Samuel Fairhall proved himself a courageous soldier in Fiji, during war in the 1870's aimed at pacifying the cannibalistic and brutal local tribes. In the book Fiji in the Seventies he was especially mentioned in relation to the battles during May 1874:
"It was Sergeant Fairhall's dash and bravery that saved the day, for so quickly were the enemy dislodged from their entrenchments that the main body of their warriors who were lying in ambush along the lower track that they expected us to advance by were unable to get up in time to assist the defence" (P.75)
Samuel married Josephine Hulek in Suva in 1887, moved to New South Wales and lived out his life in the country town of Lithgow.

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3. Thomas "Nutty" Fairhall (1901 - 1986)

Nutty Fairhall Tommy Fairhall's career in boxing spanned the years from 1918 to 1932. In his first 50 fights he had 43 victories, some against opponents heavier than himself.
He travelled throughout Australia and to several overseas venues to fight. His defeat of New Zealand Lightweight Champion Les Murray at Timaru in 1923 was acclaimed as "one of the most scientific exhibitions of boxing ever seen in New Zealand", and he received a standing ovation from the crowd of 4000 spectators after his bout against Australian Welterweight Champion Wally Hancock at Leichhardt in 1930.
Tommy and his wife Christina moved to Sydney, where Tommy worked as a barber for many years.

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4. Thomas James Fairhall (1912 - 1990)

Thomas J Fairhall Tom is recorded here because of his great dedication to the task of researching the Fairhall family history. Tom was, I believe, the first to locate the details of the migration of William and Anne Fairhall to Australia in 1838. He used his journalistic skills to produce a booklet "From Sussex to the Green Hills" (1981) which detailed much of the known family history at that time.
From early days with several local newspapers as a reporter, Tom became Editor of the Illawarra Evening Star, and then joined the Sydney Daily Telegraph, working as subeditor, roundsman and War Correspondent in south-east Asia. He was wounded in New Guinea during a Japanese bombing raid in 1942 and was commended by General MacArthur for his "long and meritorious service".
After the war, Tom worked with the Sydney Daily Mirror and the Sydney Herald, from which he retired in 1978.

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5. William J Baltzer (c.1860 - 1948)

William baltxer c.1930 A German immigrant, William became an acknowledged expert throughout Australia in the use of reinforced concrete, the so called "Monier System".
In 1896 he imported the first machine for making concrete pipes, and worked as a consultant for the Sydney construction firm of Gumnow, Forrest and Company who established the Monier Pipe Factory at Alexandria. His expertise was later extended to concrete railway culverts and bridges.
With his wife Lottie (nee Charlotte Fairhall) and three of his daughters, William moved to the Blue Mountains town of Blackheath in 1922, and the family became very involved in local issues. William was an early proponent of the need for a Blue Mountains National Park, and his efforts in this regard were commemorated by the naming of Baltzer Lookout above the Grose Valley.

Some further information on William, and his family, is available HERE.

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6. Neroli Fairhall (1944 - 2006)

Neroli fairhall Neroli Morton was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 1944.
During some time in Sydney, she met and married John Gary Fairhall in 1966, and used the name Neroli Fairhall from that time on, although their marriage only lasted a very short time.
In 1970, at the age of 24, Neroli was knocked off her motorcycle in Christchurch, and paralysed from the waist down. She faced the challenge of life in a wheelchair, and took up archery to replace her interest in horse sports.
A natural athlete, Neroli competed locally and then overseas before being selected for the 1980 Paralympic Games. In that competition she won a Gold Medal, and was selected to represent New Zealand in the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane. In the 70 metres Women's event she won the Gold Medal, becoming the Women's FITA Double Champion - the first paraplegic to ever achieve such a result in Olympic or Commonwealth competition.
She again represented New Zealand in the 1984 Olympic Games, at Los Angeles, but did not reach medal status.
Neroli passed away in 2006, at Christchurch.

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